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Useful, Usable, Desirable :: 2007/02/10 00:01

웹서비스는 결국 what + how + why로 승부하는 것이다.

  • "What is this?" communicates utility. How will this product be useful to me? Function is critical. After all for utility to exist, a product has to work.

  • "How do I use it?" is all about usability. How do I get the maximum utility out of this? Function is no longer enough if it is not clearly exposed and communicated. You need an effective intersection of function and form.

  • "Why do I care?" is desirability. I know what it does for me and how but why should I do it that way? Function is expected and as a result form needs to create an emotional connection through brand or value proposition.

    The Lifecycle of Design: Part 2

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